Mrs. Cindy's Bear Cub Kindergarten         
Hello students and parents!!  I'm still missing you all terribly and wish we could get back to school!!  As of today, the date is still  April 20th.   I continue to pray that all is well with you all and your families. 

I hope your home schooling is going great as well.  You should have completed your first packet and turned it in at the school.  You should have also finished your first week of PBS Arkansas AMI packet  (March 30-April3) and the check-off list.  This needs to be turned in at the school by Friday, April 10th.  Mrs. Weems put a box at the front of the elementary under the porch area to drop your completed packets in.  PBS Arkansas AMI for April 6-10 is attached at the bottom of this page or you may pick up a hard copy at the school or you may print it off from the link at the bottom of this page.  In addition,  there are many many resources available for your student to practice needed skills if you have access to internet through a computer, a tablet, a phone, etc.  We had worked on money before school was dismissed and some of the kiddos had trouble with that.  It wasn't in the first AMI review packet but you can find practice resources for kindergarten on many sites on the internet.  Just "Google" money practice activities for kindergarten and tons of activities will pop up.  

Also, the kiddos have been working on a Capit literacy program on computer at the school.   We are trying to get enrolled in the "at home" version that Capit is offering free of charge during the Coronavirus pandemic.  We will get that information out as soon as possible.  This is a great program and it correlates with our RISE literacy program.  There is also an app that you can download to access books for the kids.  I sent home a Capit letter earlier in the year with a code that gives you access to this app.  If you didn't download it then, email me and I can send you the code again.   Another program that practices basic skills is iXL.  You will probably have to email me or text for the username and password for this program.  They are more difficult for logging in and you would have to help them but it is great practice as well.  Both of these resources are excellent practice for your student.

Lastly, we would like some feedback from you all on the AMI packets.  Which format do you think is better for you to access and implement at home, any concerns, and other comments you may have.  You can email, call or text me this information as well.

Parents--my home phone number is 894-3534 if you need to contact me.  I will be glad to help guide you through finding skills resources for your student to practice.  You can also contact me through Facebook  and Messenger if you have that resource. 

I have some parents sending me videos of their student doing his/her work or just having fun in the rain puddles and I love getting to see their smiling faces!!

Remember to READ-READ-READ everyday to someone!!!  And parents--read, read, read to your child every day!!!  He/she can "Go" to so many places right at home-- and learn so much from you reading to them !!