High School

Student Schedule 
**From 8:00a.m.-12:00**
May 8 - Sr. last day. On this day all seniors report to the school for:
                 * Locker clean out
                 * Turn in books, uniforms, etc.
                 * Turn in any final assignments
                 * Pick up/pay for any Sr. items
                 * Settle outstanding balances
                 * Receive any final information regarding graduation, scholarships, etc.
May 11 - Jr. class
May 12 - Soph. class
May 13 - Freshman class
May 14 - 8th grade
May 15 - 7th grade
                 * Grades 7-11 may clean out lockers, turn in books, turn in uniforms, receive any        
                    needed information regarding next school year.
Bradley High School progress reports will be paperless.  Each student should receive a contact from his or her teacher by Thursday, April 16th, to identify student's progress for the 4th nine-weeks.  We encourgage every parent to take advantage of the Home Access Center (HAC) to see your child's grades at anytime. You may contact Cari Chandler at cari.chandler@etbsd.org if you need your login and/or password for HAC.
AMI pick up times for the rest of the semester will continue to be Tuesday and Thursday between 9:00-10:00am.  The drop-off box will continue to be available 24 hours a day in front of the high school doors.
Thank you and be safe
Mr. Lyons
Students that have remaining "Free Days" may still use them.  Students will be allowed to either electronically or on paper, inform their teachers that they will be using one or both of their remaining free days in place of doing the AMI day's work.