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Basketball Game Updates

Bradley High School was issued 42 voucher tickets to enter the basketball games at Hermitage High School scheduled for Friday 1-15-21. These were distributed to the players at their request. Sr. high players received two(2) vouchers per family, Jr. high players received one(1) voucher. Siblings of players were not issued additional vouchers, only the oldest child received the family vouchers. There is a very limited supply of leftover vouchers available.
If you are interested in getting an extra voucher, please contact the Bradley High School office 870-626-3307.
Thank you,
Mike Lyons
Bradley High School
Bradley Basketball Home Games:
*Gymnasium capacity will be limited to 50%, or the first 600 fans. We ask that as games conclude, please take consideration that others may want to watch the later contests, and in order to do so, with the proper fan spacing requirements, may need your seat(s).
*All players, coaches, and administrators will not be counted toward the capacity limit..
Every other row seating procedure will be utilized. Six feet of social distancing space must be maintained between family groups. 
*There will be a designated area for home and opposing player seating. All players must sit in this area until their contest has concluded. Only players will be allowed to sit in these areas. There will be NO gathering at court entrances for team run outs!
*All opposing fans must sit on the North side of the gymnasium labeled Visitors, NO Exceptions. Likewise, all home fans must sit on the South side of the gym labeled Home.
*Face masks are mandated and must be worn at all times. Exclusions: Players on the court and officials. Masks may be removed for eating or drinking purposes.
*Dressing rooms will be sanitized prior to the arrival of the teams at the beginning of the night. Once all contests have concluded for the evening, all areas will be sanitized again. 
*All game balls, score tables, player seating, and fan restrooms will be sanitized throughout the night. 
*Concessions will be available. There will be a  home and visitor window available to avoid mixing community groups. Please maintain social distancing. 
With your help, and the proper practicing of these procedures, we hope to be able to continue the 2020-21 basketball season for our student athletes and fans.
Athlete COVID-19 Clearance Form-Click Here